Why do Business with Bob?

My Background:

Ihave always been around champions and I know what it takes to be a champion. Born in 1959 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I’m the youngest of five children. I Went to the University of Oklahoma, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism, became a professional photographer for the university, and was part of the 1985 National Championship football team. I have a ring!

I started selling real estate in 1983, and moved to Albuquerque in 1985. I’ve been in real estate full-time for more than thirty years.

I have one son and two daughters. My son Aaron earned his MBA at UNM and is in advertising and is a music producer. My daughter Alexia was Valedictorian at West Mesa High School and graduated with honors from The University of Southern California. My other daughter Asia earned her MBA from UNM and is currently working at Kirtland Air Force Base.

I have excelled in everything I do and the people around me have excelled as well. I have a tremendous work ethic and have earned recognition as one of the top 1% of real estate agents in the country.


I keep up to date with the latest financing options available. Whether it’s a first time home buyer, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, FHA, VA, Conventional or Jumbo’s, I can answer the questions you may have. How about seller financing? Real Estate Contracts, Tax Credits, Short Sales, Carry-backs, Wrap-a-rounds, etc. are all options I’m familiar with.

Creative financing just might sell a home when you thought there was no chance.


I’m respected throughout the industry for professionalism, integrity and caring for the best interests of the families I help. I’m known for the highest quality service and customer satisfaction.

It’s common for me to sell the same family numerous homes over the years. They keep coming back to me. The service I provide is the best available. There’s no compliment better than a homeowner asking for me over and over again. I must be doing something right.


This is a subject I’m passionate about. How homes are built, zoning laws, risk reduction, contract laws, title insurance and 1031 exchanges are just are few of the hundreds of classes I’ve taken trying to do the best job I can for my customers.

Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziggler, Nicki Joy, Peter Lowe, and Lou Holtz are speakers at some of the hundreds of motivational seminars I’ve attended. Knowledge never stops.

My Goals:

Will Rogers use to say even if you’re on the right track, if you sit still long enough you’re going to get run over. I’m constantly moving toward getting smarter, using the most up to date technology and always trying to improve the way I help others.

Everybody wins! I always try to make real estate a win-win solution. The buyer wins because they get a new home and the seller wins because their home is sold. The mortgage company wins, the title company wins, all the families win, etc. Everybody wins if, from day one, you have the correct goal going into the process.


All the t’s must be crossed and all the i’s must be dotted or the buyer, seller, and realtor could be subject to litigation. I pride myself in helping the customer stay away from possible lawsuits.


I’m committed to service and committed to you. I will consult, educate and advise you throughout the entire process. I will monitor, coordinate and manage all matters pertaining to your home. Attention to detail and excellent service are two of the most important qualities I provide to my customers.

Please contact me at 505-480-9065 to set up a personal appointment. You’ll get the most caring and professional service you’ve ever received. Thanks for your time.